Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours

Donna & Michael
Our new calling is almost two years old now. GRACE ADVENTURES sprouted with a dedication to reach Political, Business and Spiritual leaders for Jesus, one leader at a time. This ministry is like a tiny, tiny, tiny mustard seed that gets planted in the ground. No one says, “Amen” to a mustard seed. Nobody says, “Yeah, slow organic growth.” So many want the Kingdom style to be swift, forced, visible, and powerful, but Jesus says go with the mustard seed approach, emphasizing slow, steady, stealthy, healthy planting, watering and cultivating. In time the Kingdom bursts forth with fruit 30, 60 or 100 fold. The grand vision is to serve behind the scenes to reach and train up leaders so that these Christ-followers from the political, business and spiritual arenas become fruitful in the community. 
Our Message
Our son, Jonathan, and his
wife, Patricia
Our message simply put is JESUS. Our interest is not for people to love Christianity but to love JESUS. Our focus is not so much to get people to heaven but get people to a personal relationship with God and then heaven gets thrown in. We cannot fix anybody, but we can bring people to the real JESUS and allow Him to do what we could never do – transform a human life. We desperately want to learn from Richard Halverson, former Chaplain of the United Stated Senate, “In the beginning the church was a fellowship of men and women centering on the living Christ. Then the church moved to Greece, where it became a philosophy. Then it moved to Rome, where it became an institution. Next, it moved to Europe, where it became a culture. And, finally, it moved to America, where it became an enterprise.” GRACE ADVENTURES exists to introduce leaders to Jesus Christ and disciple them so that they may effectually impact their sphere of influence for the glory of God.
Opportunities Tripled in 2012!
·      Louisiana Legislative Retreats
·      Writer’s Guild
·      Veteran’s Hospital
·      LA House of Representatives
·      SIGMA, Oil & Gas Convention
·      Leadership St. Tammany
·      Impact University
·      Dental Association
·      Rotary Club
·      Urban Impact
·      Touch Global
·      Christian Legal Society
·      Great Lakes Church Planters
·      Pulpit Supply
·      Men’s Retreats

Urban Impact Building Dedication, New Orleans

The Kingdom is Bursting Forth 
·      A newly saved political/business leader sets up regular appointments for me to share Jesus with his contacts. Many have trusted the Lord for the first time.
·      Business leaders have caught the vision for sharing the message of amazing GRACE and asked me to train them to share with their friends.
·      I asked a city political leader about his spiritual life. He said, “I do not have a spiritual life, but I would like to have one.” We are now meeting.
·      A business man climbed the ladder of success and learned his ladder was leaning against the wrong wall. He has discovered Jesus was the one who was missing from his life.
·      An opportunity is emerging to lead state elected leaders in Bible study.
·      Over a hundred have received training in apologetics and how to share the good news.
·      Pastors are being encouraged to continue the fight. Shepherds need shepherds and friends too!
·      Wonderful friendships have blossomed with the Capitol Commission, SEARCH ministries, Touch Global, Urban Impact, National Prayer Breakfast, etc.
·      This year has been filled with open doors for Bible study, outreach and personal conversations with judges, lobbyists, leaders at the Pentagon and White House, State and U.S. Senators and Representatives, business and spiritual leaders. The mission field is as big as God chooses.
Retreat at Officer's Christian Fellowship in Pennsylvania

Financial Update
I have not mentioned finances since last December.  For a man who has been called “pathetic” at fundraising, God gave us enough to get started. The core of the ministry has been supported by people making monthly commitments to GRACE ADVENTURES, and this has been supplemented by one-time gifts. I am grateful. As I go into 2013, I have monthly commitment for 80% of my needed support, but still need to raise 20%. As a faith-based ministry, I am responsible to raise all of my monthly support.
Please pray for:
·      New monthly commitments to join the team.
·      End-of-the-year special gifts for projects.

End of the year projects for 2012:
Last year’s end of the year giving enabled us to do much additional outreach. Our small, lean ministry budget was supplemented to allow us to do beyond what was possible.

Merry Christmas,


Monday, October 1, 2012

Hug Your Pastor

Grace Adventures reaches out to political, business and spiritual leaders for Christ, one leader at a time. I want to see leaders healthy and fruitful. Since October is PASTOR APPRECIATION month, I would like to focus this newsletter on our pastors and spiritual leaders.  They are people too, and need encouragement. Take a look at some startling statistics that reek in the spiritual leader graveyard:

·         A staggering 18,000 pastors annually exit vocational ministry never to return
·         For every 20 pastors who go into ministry, only one retires from the ministry
·         3500 churches die each year
·         80% of pastors feel unqualified and discouraged in their role according to George Barna

These stats are alarming. I grieve many times when I listen to the hearts of spiritual leaders. Sometimes the grimaces, the third degree burns, and wounds of the soul I see cause my stomach to turn more than any ER situation I have encountered. I admire the overwhelming number of spiritual leaders I know. These statistics can and must change. I delight in spending time with spiritual leaders, listening to their stories, processing pain, sharing hope, praying and longing for the Spirit to show up and bring salve to the raw inner places of their inner world.

Have you ever seen the show “Dirty Jobs”? The host Mike Rowe, explores the hardiest, messiest and strangest jobs around. For instance, Mike has highlighted:

·         A coal miner
·         A mule logger
·         A lightning rod installer
·         A worm dung farmer
·         A sewer inspector

I’d like to propose that Mike look at one of the toughest jobs anyone could do – A Spiritual Leader. It is spiritually, mentally, physically demanding. So this month pray for spiritual leaders, encourage them, and hug your kids and your pastor. They deserve it.

The Lion Chaser’s Manifesto:

Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death. Set God-sized goals. Pursue God-ordained passions. Go after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention. Keep asking questions. Keep making mistakes. Keep seeking God. Stop pointing out problems and become part of the solution. Stop repeating the past and start creating the future. Stop playing it safe and start taking risks. Expand your horizons. Accumulate experiences. Enjoy the journey. Find every excuse you can to celebrate everything you can. Live like today is the first day and last day of your life. Don’t let what’s wrong with you keep you from worshiping what’s right with God. Burn sinful bridges. Blaze a new trail. Criticize by creating. Worry less about what people think and more about what God thinks. Don’t try to be who you’re not. Be yourself. Laugh at yourself. Quit holding out. Quit holding back. Quit running away. Chase the lion.  --Mark Batterson
Read it. Post it. Live it.

Prayer Requests for Grace Adventures:

·         Evangelize  those who have not yet experienced a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (Romans 1:16)
·         Establish  those who have a desire to grow in their faith and in their knowledge of the Scriptures (Colossians 2:6-7)
·         Equip those who have been called to spiritual leadership (Ephesians 4:11-12)
·         Encourage the Church to participate in the process with us (1Timothy 2:1-4)
·         Enlist & Enable individuals, businesses, and churches to become strategic prayer and financial partners (2 Corinthians 8:3-6)
·         Engage those who desire to participate in the ministry by offering their time and talents (Matthew 25:20)
·         Entreat God to bless all facets of the ministry as we look to Him for wisdom, guidance and ways to bring Him glory (1 Chronicles 4:10)
·        Enjoy  the opportunity to witness God move in miraculous ways (Psalm 37:4-6)
and financial partners (2 Corinthians 8:3-6)

Michael, along with government leaders, met with Leading Global Islamic Terrorism Expert, Brigitte Gabriel of ACT for America.

Election Year Exhortation

1. Everybody Pray!  OK?
2. Everybody Vote!  OK?
3. Everybody Be Civil! OK? I didn’t hear you!
4. Everybody Needs Jesus! Agree?

John Adams to Abigal Adams:

My dearest friend, I pray heaven to bestow the best of blessings upon this house and all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof. (Now inscribed on White House State Dining Room mantle.)

Betting the Farm on God,


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cup Licking Does not Satisfy

“As the deer pants for the water brooks, So my soul pants for Thee, O God.  My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.”  (Ps. 42:1-2a)
“Jesus answered and said to her, ‘Everyone who drinks of this water shall thirst again; but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.’”  (John 4:13-14)
I’ve probably told this story dozens of times over the last couple of months:
“Picture a thirsty person holding a cup of water. Now picture that person sticking their tongue out and licking the outside of the cup in an attempt to quench their thirst. This is a picture of religiosity. It is easy to focus on the cup and forget the contents. People spend so much time arguing over who has the best cup while not drinking from any. Cups come big, little or mega size. Some are ornate and some simple. Some are loud and some plain. Some are contemporary and some are old-fashioned … Endless cup arguments and cup licking … People are attracted to different cups but cup licking the outside of a cup will not quench thirst …ONLY THE LIVING WATER IN THE CUP CAN SATISFY! Faith can be expressed in many forms, but the form is not what satisfies … only JESUS CHRIST quenches real thirst.”
Through the ministry of GRACE ADVENTURES I find that people in the political, business and spiritual realms are indeed thirsty. Many have had bad experiences with a variety of cups. Others admit they were more into the form of the cup and didn’t focus on the substance in the cup. It happens to well-meaning people all of the time. Others have never even had a cup. It doesn’t matter. I meet people where they are at and talk to them about the Living Water. It is amazing what happens when someone starts to drink. Not long ago, a man who recently trusted Christ told me his life has been totally changed. Another leader, who met Jesus a few months ago, has caught the vision to help other thirsty people. He finds it a great spiritual buzz to give his life away to help others. People who are attending Bible studies are finding their weary souls renewed and replenished. Opportunities abound daily to bring people to the One who calls himself the Living Water.
It is fascinating working with leaders in these days of austerity and trouble. I relate it to the days of Jeremiah. Storm clouds were on the horizon and Jeremiah’s grace adventure was to call people to God. Resistance was severe. God’s mouthpiece was laughed at, mocked, put in the stocks (which were reserved for false teachers), a cistern, etc. The people loved to listen to the health, wealth and prosperity prophets who said, “All is well. Peace. Peace.” Finally after forty years, the storm clouds were so close that the king ordered Jeremiah brought out of the prison and asked him, “Is there a word from the Lord?” We live in these days!!!! Leaders are asking me, “Is there a word from the Lord?” Yes there is!!! The Kingdom of God will not arrive on Air Force One. Jesus Christ quenches thirst. Really. It is happening.
Plaquemines Parish Flooding after Hurricane Isaac
Yes, those are cattle on the porch!


·         Keep praying for my dad. He didn’t need to have his leg amputated. After a month plus in a rehab hospital he is home and waiting upon multiple skin grafts. It is complicated but slowly improving.
·         Pray for God’s favor upon appointments. Nothing is better than FAVOR. When you see God doing what you can’t do … it is glorious and amazing.
·         Thank God for open doors. I can hardly believe the doors that are opening!! One appointment leads to the next that leads to the next. One evening, all within an hour, I got three appointments that were “ONLY GOD” appointments. Leaders need Jesus and His enablement.
·         Got to visit Jonathan and Patricia Labor day weekend in Dallas.
·         Pray for spiritual renewal in America. It happened once. Why can’t it happen again?
·         Our home made out well during Hurricane Isaac.  We evacuated to a friend’s home.  Our power was only out for two days.  Pray for the people who had home damage.

Attention Men:

I will be speaking at three Men’s Retreat’s. If you are interested … here is the contact information:
·        October 12-14 - Faith Community Church, Camden, DE (302) 697-1673
·        October 19-21 - Forcey Bible Church, Silver Spring, MD (301) 622-2200; Retreat being held at Skycroft Retreat Center
·         November 2-4 - Burke Community Church, Burke, VA (703) 425-0205; Retreat being held at White Sulphur Springs, Manns Choice, PA

Betting the Farm on God,


Friday, June 1, 2012

My Secret Weapon

On May 21 Donna and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. After three decades I still believe Donna is awesome. Donna has modeled a purity and simplicity of devotion to Jesus. She came to faith early in life and served God fervently as a child, teenager and young woman. She wanted to be a pastor’s wife starting at 9 years old. She is the most complete package of love I have ever seen. Donna excels at serving, mothering, teaching, listening, integrity, hard work and giving. Besides teaching children with special needs, she handles all of the administrative load for Grace Adventures. We’ve shared joys and weathered storms. We’ve dreamed dreams and entered the “Plan B’s.” God’s grace has always abounded.
I love the story told about Pete Flaherty, a county commissioner in Pittsburgh, and his wife, Nancy. They were standing on the sidewalk surveying a city construction project, when one of the laborers at the site called out to them. “Nancy, remember me?” he asked. “We used to date in high school.” Later Pete teased her. “Aren’t you glad you married me? Just think, if you had married him, you would be the wife of a construction worker.” Nancy looked at him and said, “No, if I would have married him, he would have been a county commissioner!”
I can relate to that story and shudder to think where I’d be without this woman. Donna is indeed my secret weapon in life and ministry.

Open Doors with Leaders

I continue to ask for prayer for open doors. If Paul had to ask for prayer for open doors … I far more (Colossians 4:2-6). I desire to be led by the Spirit and go where He leads humbly yet boldly. My message is not the therapeutic gospel, prosperity gospel, political gospel, self-salvation gospel or social gospel, but the gospel of grace in our Lord Jesus Christ. It was said of Francis of Assisi - he did not love humanity but men … he did not love Christianity but Christ … he did not fall in love with church; he fell in love with Jesus. His religion was not a thing like a theory but a thing like a love affair. This is what I desire and want others to experience.
On May 24 I was commissioned as the Honorary Chaplain for the Day with the Louisiana House of Representatives at the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge and opened the session in prayer. What an honor and open door. I spent nearly 5 hours interacting with our elected leaders. I renewed some cherished friendships and connected with numbers of new leaders. Please pray for our leaders (1Timothy 2:1-2). They work tirelessly. So many commented to me how much they desire prayer because the job is so big and complicated. I told them I would pray and encourage others to pray for them. Would you pray right now for these leaders and your leaders?


Heart for the Harvest Seminar Training

 There are many people today who would like to know God in a personal way. Unfortunately few people actually know how to help their friends know God. For this reason I am currently training six different groups to relationally share their faith. This seminar teaches people, who are enjoying a relationship with God, how they can talk with their friends about having a relationship with God in a very real and relevant way.
The seminar is entitled: HEART FOR THE HARVEST or practically, "I Can Do It!"  If you would like this seminar done for your group, church or location, let me know. It can be done over 1-5 hours and is complete with multimedia, workbooks, discussion and PowerPoint. Also, the 12 “BIG” QUESTIONS apologetic training is available to groups, churches, and singles, college and high school groups as well. We are to be ready to share the hope that is in us (1Peter 3:15).

Prayer for upcoming opportunities:

1.   Preparation for fall Men’s Retreats
  • Faith Community Church, Camden, Delaware, October 12-14
  • Forcey Bible Church, Silver Spring, Maryland, October 19-21
  • Burke Community Church, Burke, Virginia, November 2-4
2.   Praise for speaking opportunities with the Rotary Club, Dental group, weddings, memorial service, Urban Impact, preaching at Victory Bible Church, Louisiana Legislature, Bible studies, and six current Heart for the Harvest 5-week seminars. Pray for transformation, good contacts and follow-up. Pray for new open doors in the community particularly in uncharted, pioneering spaces.
3.   Pray God’s grace and provision for the family and friends of Bruce Cucchiara and for his murderer to be found.
4.   Praise God for many opportunities to encourage pastors who are on the frontlines of the battle.
5.   Pray for Donna, Jonathan and Patricia for refreshment amidst busy schedules.
6.   Pray that I reflect well on Isa. 31:1, 3   “Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help, And rely on horses, Who trust in chariots because they are many, And in horsemen because they are strong, But who do not look to the Holy One of Israel, Nor seek the Lord!...The Egyptians are men, and not God; And their horses are flesh, and not spirit.”

7.   Praise for Urban Impact and Castle Rock Church getting into their new renovated facility in Central City. We have been working on this for years. It is a reality!!!

Betting the Farm on God,


Saturday, May 5, 2012

How a Murder Hit Me

My world got rocked last week when my buddy Bruce Cucchiara was senselessly murdered in New Orleans.  Wow ...  this one hurts. Bruce and I met every Wednesday at his office with a group of spiritual investigators who were kicking the tires of the faith to see if the claims of Christ were true. Bruce concluded Jesus was who He said He was and his entire life was radically changed by amazing grace. Bruce had a Saul-to-Paul kind of transformation and he wanted all to know God in a personal way. Bruce is already missed. At the memorial service I shared four of Bruce’s Spiritual “aha” discoveries:
Bruce Cucchiara

#1 Life Is Short, Hell Is Hot and Eternity Is Long - Bruce understood the brevity of life. It is motivating when the reality sinks in that we will live a whole lot longer on the other side than on this side.

#2 Dead Men Can’t Throw Life Preservers - Bruce understood that Christianity stands or falls upon the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The evidence for the resurrection was so overwhelming that Bruce was compelled to follow this One who conquered death and offers life … even eternal life.

#3 God Doesn’t Grade on the Curve - Word out on the street is that human beings in-full or in-part are responsible to save themselves. Bruce was shocked to discover the Bible doesn’t teach one gets to Heaven by good works. He discovered the GRACE plan as opposed to the human achievement plan. The JESUS plus nothing plan.

#4 Intellectual Ascent To Jesus Is Not Enough - Bruce discovered it wasn’t enough to know a few facts about Jesus. One has to make a faith decision to trust Jesus alone for salvation and the gift of eternal life. Bruce made that decision. For him, to live is Christ and to die was gain.

This week showed me once again that life is fragile and the issues of heaven and hell hang in the balance. Decisions about death need to be made in life. Like Bruce, I want all my friends, family and this world to have peace with God and have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. GRACE ADVENTURES is committed to ASKING QUESTIONS, EXPLORING ANSWERS and EQUIPPING ADULTS.

New Training and Resources 

This past month I received a week of training from SEARCH MINISTRY. Larry Moody and his staff provided cutting-edge equipping and have graciously allowed me to use their excellent training and outreach materials for ministry in New Orleans. The following activities and presentations are now available to help people find honest answers to tough questions and investigate the claims of Jesus.

Open Forum
The Open Forum is a gathering of friends for the purpose of interacting on significant life and God issues. Normally, it takes place in a home or a convenient daytime location for business and professional people and lasts for four weeks where the guests enjoy eating, meeting each other, laughing and sharing their thoughts. There is an authentic, stimulating discussion about basic life issues, not a Bible study, lecture series, or theological debate.  The objective is to create a safe atmosphere where  people can examine their philosophy of life. Many people have never carefully evaluated their beliefs or been able to have open dialogue with others on the subject. The Open Forum provides a comfortable environment for just this kind of meaningful interaction. And since the Forum is "open," you pick the topics of conversation! If you are interested in attending or hosting an Open Forum, please call Michael Sprague at 985 502 4265.

To help friends get started with God, we often begin with the Foundations study. Foundations is a study intended for small groups or one-on-one discipleship. Chapters include:

·   How to Begin a Relationship with God
·   How to Grow in your Relationship with God
·   How to Communicate with God through Prayer
·   How to Listen to God through Bible Reading and Study
·   How to Tell Others about our Relationship to God

The Big Questions Class
This is a 12-week course dedicated to directly answering Christianity’s toughest criticisms – Is there a God? Is the Bible reliable? Is Jesus the Son of God? Will God judge those who have never heard about Christ?  Why are there so many hypocrites?  Why the innocent suffer?  Do miracles really occur?  Isn’t Christianity just a psychological crutch?  What does it mean to believe?  Can anyone be sure of heaven?  How good do you have to be to get to heaven?  Isn’t going to heaven by faith too simple?

Heart for the Harvest
There are many people today who would like to know God in a personal way. Unfortunately there are few that are able to help their friends know God. This seminar trains people how they can talk with their friends about having a relationship with God in a very real and relevant way.
Small Groups
In today's hectic world, people need a place where others know more about them than just their name.  Small groups are a place where you can build meaningful friendships with others, while learning more about God and yourself.

A small group is a gathering of 5-20 people who meet on a regular basis, with the common purpose of discovering and growing in their spiritual walk with God. If you are interested in joining a small group, let me know.

Praise and Prayer Requests

·         Give thanks for men who are taking up their cross and following Jesus.
·         Pray for speaking opportunities this month with the Rotary Club, Dental Group, Heart for the   Harvest Seminar and a wedding.
·        Pray for the establishment of a key new small group with community leaders.
·        Thanks for an abundance of open doors of ministry in this community. God’s floodgates are open and people are thirsty. People are more interested in spiritual things than we think.
·        Pray for boldness, wisdom and spiritual sensitivity. Spiritual skepticism is on the rise. Nearly one in four Americans under thirty now describe their religion as “atheist,” “agnostic,” or “nothing in particular.
·        Pray for Donna as well as Jonathan and Patricia.
·        Pray that I practice John 15:5 for apart from God I can do nothing of real value.

Betting the Farm on God,


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When You Feel Like a Failure or a Loser

By now you have heard me say that GRACE ADVENTURES exists to reach Political, Business and Spiritual leaders for CHRIST. The last few newsletters have emphasized the political thrust. This month I will touch on caring for pastors and missionaries. I care for spiritual leaders. However, many people don’t realize the price leaders pay to carry out their callings. Who shepherds the shepherds? Where can missionaries unload when times are tough?

Consider these statistics:

·         40% of pastors in North America considered leaving the ministry in the past three months.

·         For every 20 pastors who go into the ministry, only one retires from the ministry.

·         1,500 pastors leave ministry for good every month due to burnout, conflict or moral failure.

Why are there so many third degree ministry burns and relational smoke inhalation? I count it a privilege to reach out to numbers of pastors and missionaries, especially those going through trying circumstances and even disasters. These leaders need encouragement to stay in the game. They are not crazy to carry out their calling.

A Failure Conference?

Last month I spent two unique days at an Epic Fail Pastor’s Conference. Who would ever host a FAILURE conference … right? Yet, aren’t most people desperate to talk about their failure? Don’t most need a new theology and definition of success and failure? Isn’t there a need to process fear of failure and a place to let go of being super pastor, superman, and super leader? Shouldn’t conferences stop worshipping at the throne of the world’s definition of success and up the ante on simple devotion and faithfulness to Jesus? So the Epic Fail Conference was … no frills or thrills. Just sacred space ... The undeniable presence of Jesus … Raw stories … Failure experts … and much grace and truth.

The host site was initially going to be the eerie, closed down prison where the film, Shawshank Redemption, was filmed (somewhat fitting, don’t you think). In the end we met in a former church that failed and was bought by the town Bingo enterprise. The cross and steeple were removed and Bingo packed the place. Recently an African American pastor started praying for this building. In fact, he bought it. After scrubbing cigarette smoke off the walls and restoring the cross to prominence, he reopened the church. The house that failed and had Jesus stripped away was restored to a place of hope and inspiration. The winds of the Spirit started to blow again and God saved and restored the lives of people once again. The geographic location of Epic Fail spoke volumes as to what God is up to in leader’s lives. Dry bones can come back to life. Many opened up veins and bled into the microphones.

Stumbling friends of Jesus grieved, but found healing, hope, restoration and intimacy with God. New definitions of ministry success emerge, replacing buildings, bodies and budget size with faithfulness. Vulnerability and brokenness that many regard as weakness get redefined as healthy, courageous and human. Shame from failure can get put off and minds can be renewed in resurrection life.

At the end of the two days this prayer was prayed over us: May all your expectations be frustrated. May all your plans be thwarted. May all your desires be withered into nothingness that you may experience the powerlessness and poverty of a child and sing and dance in the love of the Father, the Son and the Spirit. Amen.

I concluded the Epic Fail gathering was a success and life transformative. I’m thinking about sponsoring an EPIC FAIL PEOPLE’S retreat in the fall or spring. Any interest? Is this crazy or needed? What do you think, my friends? Do you know any failure experts that have experienced the grace of God, or need too?

It took a few days to get Israel out of Egypt but many years to get Egypt out of Israel. How many people today are captive to some real or imagined failure? It is often easier to release a person from prison than from the prison mindset. The message of GRACE ADVENTURES is that redemption is available through Jesus Christ who says that we can know the truth and the truth will set us free.

Please Pray:
·         For the wounded pastors and missionaries I meet with who need grace and encouragement.

·         For many upcoming speaking opportunities.

·         For our state leaders who are in session.  Pray for good contacts with key leaders.

·         Wisdom as I consider putting together my own Epic Fail Retreat in our area to encourage people to experience freedom and redemption.

·         For Donna who carries a huge load in ministry and our lives.

·         That Jesus – the courageous, gracious, truth-filled Jesus of the Bible, is lifted up and people are drawn to Him.

Betting the Farm on God,