Saturday, December 3, 2011

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Michael, Patricia, Jonathan and Donna, June 2011
What a difference a year makes. At the end of 2010, I was officially unemployed with much uncertainty about the future. 2011 began with the seed of a new calling. GRACE ADVENTURES sprouted with a dedication to reach Political, Business and Spiritual leaders for Jesus, one leader at a time. This ministry is like a tiny, tiny, tiny mustard seed that gets planted in the ground. No one says, “Amen” to a mustard seed. Nobody says, “Yeah, slow organic growth.” So many want the Kingdom style to be swift, forced, visible, and powerful, but Jesus says go with the mustard seed approach, emphasizing slow, steady, stealthy, healthy planting, watering and cultivating. In time the Kingdom bursts forth with fruit 30, 60 or 100 fold. The grand vision is to serve behind the scenes to reach and train up leaders so that these Christ followers from the political, business and spiritual arenas become fruitful in the community.
The Kingdom is Bursting Forth:
·      A political leader recently verbalized he was born again and is now starting a new outreach in the community.
·      A business leader has caught the vision to multiply and asked me to assist him in designing a way to share his faith with his many friends and family.
·      A group of city leaders has caught the message of GRACE and asked me to train them to do evangelism for fruitfulness the rest of their lives.
·      A man’s wife wondered what was different about him. He said, “I think I have Jesus in my life.”
·      A leader who came to his first Bible study ever said, “Can we get together for lunch and talk about Christ?” We did and he committed to getting together one-on-one.
·      A business leader told me, “In the many years of getting together for lunch with people, I’ve never had anyone who didn’t want something from me.” He said, “Michael is the first person not to ask me for anything, but instead he asked, ‘How can I serve you?’”
Michael speaking at Men's Retreat
in Lake Geneva, WI
I thank my God for each of you
I could go on and on. The Kingdom is breaking forth. The Business and Political world is virtually an untapped mission field.  It is amazing. My approach … I make appointments with leaders. I say, “I don’t want one penny from you.  I don’t want to tell you how to vote. I don’t have any agenda. I just want to help you with your soul if you need the help.” The doors are wide open. Many leaders don’t have many people in their lives who don’t want anything from them. I aim to be that person. I am there to care for them and tend for their souls.

Do You Realize that I have only been able to do this because you have prayed and supported the Ministry? You make it possible. You share in the fruit of the Kingdom.  You are an indispensable part of the team. You are valued and appreciated deeply and dearly.  Thank you!

Covington Bible Study
Financial Update
I have not mentioned finances since the ministry first began in January-February.  For a man who has been called “pathetic” at fundraising, God gave us enough to get started. Amen. The core of the ministry has been supported by people making monthly commitments to GRACE ADVENTURES, and this has been supplemented by one-time gifts. I am grateful for your partnership. As I go into 2012, I have monthly commitment for 67% of my needed support, but still need to raise 33%. As a faith-based ministry, I am responsible to raise all of my monthly support.
Please pray for:
·      New monthly commitment to join the team.
·      Those who committed to one year to consider on-going support.
·      End-of-the-year special gifts for special projects.
Two year-end projects for 2012:
·      Funding to minister to pastors and mayors in natural disaster spots with encouragement, hope and awareness that God’s greatest ministry is often done in the midst of crisis.
·      Funding for radio ministry to target the unconnected, irreligious, turned-off-to-religion and introduce them to the real Jesus.
Can You Help with the Needs of Grace Adventures?
·      Prayer Partner
·      Monthly Financial Support to help meet the 2012 need

·      Donate Air Miles to Grace Adventures

·      Know of a church or group you can refer Michael to for preaching, speaking or retreat leading

·      Spread the word about the book, DISASTER: Betting the Farm on God in Life’s Storms

·      You would like help in talking to someone about Jesus.  This is what my ministry is all about!
Betting the Farm on God,


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are you a Frog or a Lizard?

Isn’t it fascinating how Jesus has His way of turning our callings upside down? William Garrison has helped me clarify my new paradigm, and maybe you will see yourself in this as well. Have you ever noticed how differently frogs and lizards acquire their food? The frog sits and waits for unlucky insects to come to him, and he sticks out his tongue and reels it in. If the lizard sat around like the frog, he’d starve to the lizard goes into the world and hunts.

 The frog in the illustration is the traditional pastor role. He gets a degree and a church and ministry opportunities come to him. He ends up with his hands full. The lizard is a different breed. The lizard is the lay worker. He moves around, builds friendships and shares the hope within. What a great analogy. Sure, we need a few frogs, but most of us are called to be lizards. When lizards catch the vision, they will never totally give the ministry back to the frogs again.

We need to make sure we don’t define ministry in frog terms alone. Frogs need to make sure they don’t steal the show but rather release the lizards to GO. I feel a lot like I’ve moved from being a frog to a lizard. It is exciting to move out of the four walls and go out into the highways and byways. Sometimes, lizards even end up in King’s palaces (Proverbs 30:28). Thus, the ministry of Grace Adventures exists to reach political, business and spiritual leaders, one leader at a time and to equip people to be lizards! How about you? May the lizards (lay people) be unleashed.

1.   PRAY for upcoming speaking opportunities: Men’s Retreat in Wisconsin, Chiropractic Annual State Conference Prayer meeting, nine ongoing Bible studies, wedding, baby dedication, and Pastor’s Meeting.
2.   PRAY for the Hebert family as their 12-year-old son, Jeremy, was recently taken to Heaven. At the memorial service, many trusted Christ after I shared the parent’s hope and the biblical message of hope. Pray for follow-up. On the day Jeremy died, I was a guest for an hour on a Moody radio program. The host focused the entire program on Jeremy and the topic of suffering. The switchboard lit up and calls came from two families who lost family members to suicide, other calls included a recent miscarriage, divorce and a non-religious hurting seeker. What opportunities to speak about hope to people in all 50 states! 
3.   PRAISE – all the Bible study groups have been transformed from strictly teaching to equipping people in either discipleship or apologetics and outreach. LIZARDS we will be.
4.   PRAISE for outreach to political leaders. God has given a wide open door of opportunity. Everyone I have spoken to has said they want to be in a Bible study. Praise for leaders who have discovered the GRACE PLAN.
5.   PRAY for ministry opportunity to pastors. Their load is great. Pray that I can have a continual ministry of encouragement to Shepherds.
6.   PRAY for the planning of open-forum outreach groups for early next year and the possibility of having a weekly radio program for the community.
7.   PRAY for follow-up from the annual mayor’s prayer breakfast last week. Over 200 leaders were in attendance. There are about 50 response cards to follow-up with.
8.   Pray for Urban Impact as they take next steps to renovate newly purchased property in Central City, New Orleans. This urban ministry is one of the best in one of the roughest neighborhoods in the city. Pray for me as I have the new opportunity to serve as Chairman of the Board. Pray for funds to renovate and build.
9.   Pray for Donna and me that we stay focused upon Jesus and maintain a vital connection with Him…pray that nothing interferes with that (John15:1-5). Pray we do not love humanity but men and we do not love Christianity but Christ.
10. My book DISASTER: Betting the Farm on God in Life’s Storms is selling. It opens up doors of opportunity. Let me know what you think. Many are purchasing books for family, friends, and hurting people and as Christmas gifts. If you want to get a book:
a.   If you are out of the area or local and want the book/books mailed to you - $20 will cover the book and shipping costs. Make the checks out to GRACE ADVENTURES and send the request to:  Michael Sprague, 701 Rue Marseille, Mandeville, LA   70471.
b.   If you are local you can pick up the book at a cost of $16.99. I'll have books available at the house and with me while doing ministry.
c.   Books are available at SIMPLE GOODNESS Christian Bookstore in Covington, LA. It can be purchased through and I've been told AMAZON takes 60% off the top, so utilize the other options first. The book will be at all the big bookseller's conventions in the fall, so hopefully it will be picked up by some retailers. 
d.   The book will be available for eBook publishing devices such as Kindle, B&N Nook, Microsoft and Sony e-reader, Mobi, Adobe Digital editions, etc. More information to follow.
e.   If you are on Facebook or email…consider sending your friends or church leaders the book trailer to acquaint them with the book. This gets the word out. Many have already done this and it helps. The trailer is found at 
The Mission: Reaching and Unleashing Political, Business and Spiritual Leaders for Christ, one leader at a Time (Matthew 22:36-40; 28:19-20)
The Strategy:
A.  Outreach: Communicating Christ in non-threatening, grace-filled situations for those searching for meaningful answers to life’s tough issues 
Open Forums
Business Forums
Outreach Events
Adventure Trips
Beginnings Investigative Study
B.  Discipleship: Life on Life ministry either one-on-one or in small groups
Other Discipleship 
C. Training: Reproducing Reproducers and equipping for a lifestyle of ministry in ones sphere of influence
Heart for the Harvest Seminar
The Search for Meaning
Short-Term Missions Opportunities
D.  Speaking and Communication 
Men’s Retreat
Blog and Website
Book - DISASTER: Betting the Farm on God in Life’s Storms 
E.  Strategic Partnerships:  
Urban Impact
SEARCH Ministries
Life Resources
Christian Legal Society
Athletes in Action
National Prayer Breakfast
Local Church/Pastor Partnership
Follower Foundation, Inc.
Betting the Farm on God,

Saturday, September 3, 2011


The critical question for our generation—and for every generation—is this:
If you could have heaven, with no sickness, and with all the friends you ever had on earth, and all the food you ever liked, and all the leisure activities you ever enjoyed, and all the natural beauties you ever saw, all the physical pleasures you ever tasted, and no human conflict or any natural disasters, could you be satisfied with heaven, if Christ were not there?
And the question for Christian leaders is: Do we preach and teach and lead in such a way that people are prepared to hear that question and answer with a resounding “No”? (John Piper)
Wow…that is challenging, yet true. Grace Adventures is committed to staying CHRIST-centered and overcoming the American dream gospel that castrates risk-taking, cross carrying and Jesus abandonment from people’s hearts. The gospel is not just a way to get people to heaven, rather it is primarily the way to get people to GOD.  I am so excited about regular divine appointments to talk to people about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a thrill to see leaders trusting Jesus. A leader trusted Jesus this past week! God has thrown spiritual doors wide open to help people meet Jesus and follow HIM. I am prioritizing training and equipping leaders so they are ready to pass the baton of the faith to others. Doors are open for radio interviews, preaching, retreats, panel discussions, Bible studies, mentoring, etc. (Check the speaking schedule and Bible studies by clicking
It is a joy to offer a gospel of GRACE in the Lord Jesus Christ to the seeking, failed and falling, condemned and judged.  I believe in comebacks and rescues. I am not quitting on people in the valley. I will not throw the broken, abused, prodigals under the bus, but by grace they are put on the bus and driven to Jesus. I have found that grace is scarce in our world but with the scarcity comes great opportunity. I trust you have found that to be true as well.


Purchase a book or buy a batch of books for friends and family. 271 pages! All the monies that come in will be donated to GRACE ADVENTURES MINISTRY. Click on the book trailer at DISASTER: Betting the Farm on God in Life's Storms and pass it on to someone.

1.   If you are out of the area or local and want the book/books mailed to you - $20 will cover the book and shipping costs. Make the checks payable to GRACE ADVENTURES and send the request to:  Grace Adventures, 701 Rue Marseille, Mandeville, LA   70471.
2.   If you are local you can pick up the book at a cost of $16.99. I'll have books available at the house and with me while doing ministry.
3.   The book is available at SIMPLE GOODNESS Christian Bookstore in Covington, LA. It can be purchased through and BARNES & I've been told AMAZON takes 60% off the top, so utilize the other options first. The book will be at all the big bookseller's conventions in the fall, so hopefully it will be picked up by some retailers.
4.   The book will be available for eBook publishing devices such as Kindle, B&N Nook, Microsoft and Sony e-reader, Mobi, Adobe Digital editions, etc. in about 4 weeks. More information to follow.
5.   If you are on Facebook or email…consider sending your friends or church leaders the book trailer to acquaint them with the book. This gets the word out. Many have already done this and it helps.

1.   Pray for upcoming speaking opportunities: Men’s Retreat, Radio interviews, TV possibilities, Bible studies.
2.   Pray for opportunities for articles in the newspaper, magazines and blogs for the book.
3.   Pray for boldness and wisdom to share Jesus Christ with many. Pray for open doors and the good success of the gospel. Pray for clarity to introduce people to the Jesus of the Bible and not the contemporary man-centered gospel that is so popular.
4.   Praise God for the implementation in ministry of many new tools developed by SEARCH Ministry for open forums, business forums, discipleship and training.
5.   Pray for Donna who carries a big load in ministry with accounting, donor care, website and publications.
6.   Pray for newlyweds Jonathan and Patricia as they start a new marriage, new jobs, new city, new grad-school (Patricia), and new apartment.  Their last apartment was flooded as a result of a broken water pipe from an overhead apartment and they had to move, again!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Newsflash! My book, DISASTER: BETTING THE FARM ON GOD IN LIFE’S STORMS has finally been published. I got my first copy overnighted and the big print run should come next week. Two-hundred seventy-one pages! So many people are going through disasters…natural disasters and personal disasters…yet God often does His best work during these times. We can learn to live to the hilt God-sized adventures in our storms. You can view the book trailer (like a movie trailer) on Youtube at

Help me get the word out on how books can be ordered. I have decided all monies for the book will be donated to GRACE ADVENTURES. At this point books can be ordered in the following ways:

1.    If you are out of the area or local and want the book/books mailed to you - $20 will cover the book and shipping costs. Make the checks out to GRACE ADVENTURES and send the request to:  Michael Sprague, 701 Rue Marseille, Mandeville, LA  70471.

2.    If you are local you can pick up the book at a cost of $16.99. I’ll have books available at the house.

3.    In a few weeks the book will be at SIMPLE GOODNESS Christian Bookstore in Covington, LA. In a month or so it can be purchased through and BARNES & I’ve been told AMAZON takes 60% off the top, so utilize the other options first. The book will be at all the big bookseller’s conventions in the fall so hopefully it will be picked up by some retailers.

4.    The book will be available for eBook publishing devices such as Kindle, B&N Nook, Microsoft and Sony e-reader, Mobi, Adobe Digital editions, etc. in about 5 weeks. More information to follow.

Please PRAY!!  I am trying to capitalize initially upon the 6th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on August 29th. Our nation and media will once again look back at what is happening to the beloved city of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Television and radio have to fill a lot of air-time in the days around August 29th. I want to be available to tell the fresh, inspirational story behind the story of Katrina and give hope to thousands. If you have contacts in radio or television please put in a good word for me and pass on the contact information!!!!



Last week Donna and I had the deep privilege of attending the SEARCH MINISTRIES Leadership Staff Retreat. I have benefitted from SEARCH for almost 30 years now and I have faithfully used their resources throughout the years. SEARCH is one of the premiere outreach and discipleship ministries in the country. It was great being back together with my friends Larry Moody and Dave Krueger who lead the ministry. Donna and I are going to take the next step to partner closer with SEARCH and see where God leads. You can check out their website at


Many mission organizations rightly focus in on what are called “the unreached people groups.” Rightly so. However, my observations over the first seven months of Grace Adventures are that business and political groups are almost like an unreached people group. Leaders are tugged at by everyone, but who cares for them personally? Who pays attention to their souls? Everyone usually wants something from leaders. It goes with the territory. People have agendas, demands, and wants and often these yearnings are contradictory from person to person. Leaders are pulled in all directions and aren’t always well anchored. Here’s my commitment to leaders…to not want anything from them… no favors, no agendas...but only a heart to be a friend and help them meet Jesus in a deep and abiding way. During a recent meeting with a leader, he commented that in all his years of doing business in New Orleans, he had never met anyone for lunch who did not want something from him until that day. In fact, he was surprised when I asked him how I could serve him. The Jesus way opens doors and surprises with a different culture and aroma. The leader and I committed to get together and go through the Bible.

This is what I do day-by-day. Bible studies are going great and leader appointments are divine appointments. PRAY for a number of significant new appointments this week. I had good opportunities to preach and teach in Maryland last weekend. PRAY for Donna and me as we are still figuring out how to manage all the aspects of ministry and organization.

One unexpected ministry I have is to reach out to many Christ-followers, leaders, missionaries and pastors who have experienced woundedness by toxic religious experiences. This issue seems to be an epidemic. I have such a heart to care for wounded shepherds and see their heart for Jesus and His church be healed and restored. I never knew I would be a pastor to so many disenfranchised people. It is simply a huge mission field. It is good to remind people that ministry is not our life…Jesus is. It is the life of the “easy yoke” in the midst of a world that is messy.

Thank you for making the ministry possible for Donna and me. It is indeed a partnership with my friends to raise up more forever friends. AMEN!



There is now one more Mrs. Sprague in the world!  On June 11th I had the privilege of presenting my son, Jonathan, and Patricia…husband and wife.  The wedding took place outdoors in Mesquite, Texas on the Florence Ranch Homestead that Patricia’s great, great, great grandfather built in 1871 when he founded the city.  It was a spectacular day, filled with the goodness of God, family and friends.

I had done many a wedding, but never one for a son.  This one had to be special.  I knew a fellow pastor who officiated at his child’s wedding.  You know the line in the movie’s where they say, “If there is anyone who has an objection why this ceremony shouldn’t happen, let him speak now or forever hold their peace?”  You rarely hear that in weddings today, but this pastor had a plant in the audience.  When he said, “Speak now or forever hold your peace” his plant stood up and said, “Actually, I’m Laura’s parole officer and I have an objection.”  I decided Patricia would kill me if I did this, soooo I went with Plan B.  When we got to the devotional part of the service, as the father of the groom and the pastor, I said to Patricia, “Patricia, I have one thing to say to you, with God’s help you be the very best friend and wife you can be to Jonathan.  Now Jonathan, I have a bunch of stuff for you!”  Then I pulled a scroll from my pocket and let it unwind and roll all the way to the ground and beyond with a long list of counsel.  (You should have seen his face.)

No, Jonathan didn’t need any more sermons from me.  He heard enough in his life.  He’s all grown up and I’m so proud of the man he has become and is becoming.  We gave him roots and we give him wings.   When Jonathan was growing up, I’d often put him to bed and told him on a thousand evenings, “Jonathan, if we could line up all the little boys and all the little girls in the whole world and I got to pick out just one little boy…I’d pick you out every time!!”  And if I had to pick out one little girl, I’d pick out Patricia every time.  Patricia is wonderfully sharp, bright, and beautiful with a heart of compassion.

Oh yes, I did have to share one piece of wedding advice.  It came from John 2 from the wedding at Cana that Jesus attended.  Remember they ran out of wine.  This would be the social and etiquette faux pas of the season.  Mary came to Jesus and as only mothers can do, she told Jesus to do something.  Mary came to Jesus and as only mothers can do she told Jesus to do something.  Jesus knew that his time had not yet come.  Mary was persistent.  She huddled with the servants and said, “Do whatever he tells you to do!!”  That was my only advice for Jonathan and Patricia to have a successful marriage.  “Do whatever Jesus tells you to do!!”

It was the grandest of days for us.  We prayed for over 24 years for this one.  The memories will always be cherished.


The ministry continues to blossom and multiply.  There are Bible studies on every day except Saturday and on some of the days there are multiple studies.  It is absolutely thrilling to see leaders get into the Bible for the very first time.  I see a spiritual hunger and know that is certainly from God.  I yearn for these leaders to know Jesus more and make Him known.
One-on-one appointments are especially important to get to know leaders and drill deeper into discipleship, outreach and friendship.  Not many people are aware of the extent of the demands, challenges and burdens that leaders carry.  This month I am especially sensitive to the load of spiritual leaders who often endure a lot of junk but persevere in their callings.  Pray for my appointments this month with new political leaders and pastors as I invite them to greater relationship and connectedness.


1.    Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand (Author of Seabiscuit), 2010.  Spectacular!! The powerful survival epic of Louis Zamperini…Olympic hero, and WWII hero and POW.  A page turner, or in my case, the perfect book on tape to drive over a thousand miles to a wedding and back.  A man’s man book about courage, perseverance and ultimately amazing grace.  This is scheduled to be made into a major motion picture, hopefully while ninety-one year old Louis is still alive.

2.    Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet and Spy by Eric Metaxas, 2010.  The definitive Bonhoeffer biography.  If you want to understand the coast of discipleship, read this one.  Against the backdrop of WWII, the German pastor takes on two devils:  Hitler and “cheap grace.”

3.    Radical by David Platt, 2010.  Platt powerfully calls Christ-followers to surrender the American Dream if necessary in order to embrace the bigger dream of the GREAT COMMISSION.  This book will give you an “ouch” and an “Amen” for sure.  That is what powerful and Radical books do.

4.    MY BOOK!!!!!  Coming SOON.  It is at the publishers now.  I hope to have it out by August 1st in time for the 6th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  If you are aware of a potential preaching, retreat or speaking opportunity after the book is published, let me know.  I could use your help in getting the word out.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Maybe you remember the Rembrandt (1635 A.D.) painting depicting the Genesis 22 account of the angel of the LORD preventing Abraham from killing his son. For years this chapter was the most demanding chapter in the Bible for me; theologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Can you relate?

God asks His servant to sacrifice his son, Isaac, whom he loves. It’s a test and Abraham passes. The ram is in the thicket. Abraham, of course, had to make his decision on the dark road to Mount Moriah when everything was perplexing and he didn’t know how the story would end. Our American ears may perceive the passage as dark, cruel and barbaric. How could God ask Abraham to do this?

Isn’t it a great lesson on faith as well as a beautiful allusion to the GOSPEL?  Martin Luther once read this passage to his children for family devotions and his wife, Katie, couldn’t believe God would do such a thing. She said God would never have treated a son like that, but Luther replied, “But He did.” God treated His son that way by sacrificing the son whom He loved, Jesus, on the altar of the cross to make a way of salvation for all. Many people are not aware that Calvary, Golgotha-the place of the skull-is actually a part of Mount Moriah. What imagery … what significance …. what a Savior.

To many, the cross is foolishness, nonsense, absurd, moronic, ridiculous and insane. A crucified Savior is viewed as an oxymoron and so uncool. But to those who get this gracious, scandalous Gospel … it is the power of God unto salvation to those who believe. GRACE ADVENTURES exists to faithfully introduce people to the Jesus of the Bible and to tell the grand story that one man could die on an ancient hill 2000 years ago in an obscure part of the world on a bloody cross and thereby shape the destiny of every person who was ever lived. There is even an empty tomb to prove it. It’s disturbing that so many today are trying to synthesize the gospel into a fashionable, eloquent, clever message that actually shrinks Jesus. Many churches are reinventing, reshaping and repackaging Jesus in an effort to impress an itchy eared world that craves a god made in their own image. Many end up with a loving God who has no wrath, people without sin, Christ without a cross, eternity without hell and salvation without repentance.  Drink deeply into the picture above and the biblical GOSPEL. You can’t help but be amazed by grace and love Jesus more.

The same gospel that impacted the world so mightily 2000 years ago is the same gospel we make known today.  The following are a few highlights from this past month:


God’s favor! Let me give you a glimpse of one morning last week. The day started with a brand new study starting with governmental leaders in St. Tammany Parish. What an answer to prayer to see some of our highest elected leaders commit to a weekly Bible study and begin to discover who Jesus really is. This was followed by an appointment that led to sharing the gospel by using the BRIDGE illustration.  It was exciting to see someone move from one side of the bridge to another through faith in Jesus. Later that morning I lead a Bible study on the book of Romans for leaders who have not previously been in a Bible study. What excitement. It doesn’t get any better than this. This is who the Good News is for. One man wants to get together for lunch and talk more. I have been praying for open doors and now my cup runneth over with opportunities to share the gospel and meet with leaders. In the course of the month I have had the opportunity to meet with the Parish President, our area Mayors, State reps, Police Chiefs, judge, Parish Councilmen and many attorneys. Many are now in a Bible studies.


Remember GRACE ADVENTURES is called to reach business and political leaders, but also to serve Spiritual leaders. Over the next 52 days my goal is to reach out to as many Spiritual leaders as possible. I will share the ministry of GRACE ADVENTURES and invite pastors, missionaries and para-church leaders to join a monthly Leader Forum. These forums will be designed to provide a safe, refreshing and encouraging place for spiritual leaders to practice soul care that contributes to longevity, friendships and fruitfulness.


I have conducted many a wedding but never one for a son. It will be a profound privilege to officiate Jonathan and Patricia’s wedding in Mesquite, Texas on June 11. Jonathan and Patricia each have just found new jobs in Dallas and will be living in the city. Happy Day!!


Check out the website at I have posted a clear new presentation of the gospel story that starts at CREATION and then goes through the FALL, REDEMPTION and RECREATION. You may find it useful as you help others understand the heart of God.


I have picked out a publisher. The book is going through final editing over the next 2-3 weeks. We are starting to work though book-cover and layout design. I am hopeful the book will be printed in the next 6-8 weeks.


I’ve been praying Colossians 4:2-6: “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should. Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”

Monday, May 2, 2011

May Update and Prayer Requests

My new endeavor is three months old now and it is fresh, invigorating, challenging and targeted to a niche that is so often overlooked in the cause of Christ … .namely LEADERS …. business, political and spiritual leaders.  God has given me a huge heart for leaders. I love leaders who stand in the gap … who stay solution centered … who choose not to shrink back and who are learning  to honor God above all else. The mission of GRACE ADVENTURES is Transforming Our World through Christ, One Leader at a Time. Day after day I invest in leaders. My call is to bring people to Jesus and leave them with Him. Jesus is the vine, we are the branches … Apart from Him we can do NOTHING. Jesus said, “Nothing.” (Sometimes the Spirit reminds me, “What part of NOTHING do you not understand?”)  In light of this, I thought this month I would give you a few prayer requests to bring to Jesus on our behalf.
1.    I am still a pastor by calling.  A pastor at large in the community to go to all the places I hear the Spirit’s tug. The Holy Spirit has impressed on me that I am in the people building business.  If I stay focused on people I best serve the church of Jesus Christ. Pray I bring people to Jesus and leave them there.
2.    Leaders are running at warp speeds and in many cases it is unsustainable. Pray I inspire leaders to soul care, spiritual formation and a God-centeredness. A fisherman told me that if trout stay in the current too long they get exhausted and end up on their backs dead. They need to occasionally hide behind a big rock, find quiet waters or discover a deep spot. Isn’t that true for all of us. Pray for leaders to come apart before they come apart.
3.    Pray for my visits with elected officials. It is easy to knock political leaders but they are people too.  The demands are great. The resources scarce. Long hours are demanded. Almost no one is happy these days. Pray for your leaders (I Tim. 2:1-4). Pray Bold. Pray Well. Pray for their spouses. Pray for open doors with each appointment I have.
4.    Pray for the Bible studies and key discipling relationships that are forming. Pray for the business community of Christ-followers to adorn the doctrine of God in the marketplace (Titus 2:10).
5.    Pray for my work with spiritual leaders. Who shepherds shepherds? Isn’t it true - Smite the shepherd and the sheep will scatter (Zech. 13:7). Many leaders are weary, wounded and even thinking of quitting. This is at epidemic levels. Pray.
6.    Our first three months have been fruitful and rigorous for Donna and me. Pray we are on guard for ourselves and the flock of God (Acts 20:28a) and Above all else, guard our hearts (Prov. 4:23). Pray we choose God’s pace and not the endless treadmill of ceaseless activity.
7.    We are still in times of transition. Pray for wisdom, spiritual eyes, discernment and the joy of the Lord as our strength (Neh. 8:10).
8.    Pray for open doors for the gospel (Col. 4:3). Pray that leaders trust Jesus and choose to abandon cheap grace, entertainment Christianity, and choose to abandon themselves to a cross-centered faith that follows Jesus no matter what.
9.    Pray for Jonathan and Patricia. The wedding is June 11.
10. My book is done. I’m shopping for a publisher. As a rookie, there is a lot to learn, but it is going to happen. Right now the working titles are either DISASTER or WHEN THE UNTHINKABLE HAPPENS or BETTING THE FARM ON GOD. The subtitle is GRACE ADVENTURES IN THE MIDST OF LIFE’S DISASTERS. What do you think? Maybe you literary geniuses can suggest something more provocative or catchy.

Donna and I are rich … in friends. We thank God for you. Please send us your prayer list. We do pray when they are sent our way. Promise.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grace Adventures Report

March 22, 2011

Dear Friends,

Now more than ever our leaders need to hear and embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ. To this end, the energies of GRACE ADVENTURES are focused. The key next step objectives are:

1.   Developing relationships with key leaders
2.   Launching new ministry while encouraging, partnering and bolstering existing ones.
3.   Establishing a good foundation to sustain GRACE ADVENTURES for the long run.

Please pray for us as we strive to proclaim Christ to business, political and spiritual leaders in Louisiana and beyond. I trust this letter will cause you to PRAISE for our last 52-Day Adventure and PRAY for the coming 52-Day Adventure.

PRAISE for Support Raising 52-Day Grace Adventure

You may recall that I have been inspired by Nehemiah who rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem in 52 days. If a cupbearer could do so much in ancient times then surely I could focus on raising a wall of monthly financial supporters so that the ministry of GRACE ADVENTURES is fruitful and sustainable. It has been an awesome time of continuing to meet with friends and sharing the vision. Amazingly, no one has thrown rocks at me yet. God is generous and God’s people are willing to invest in Kingdom work. I am poised to jump into the work of multiplying ministry and sharing Christ with many. Thank you to all who pray.

PRAYER for Outreach Next Step 52-Day Adventure

God worked over the last 52-day stretch. Here’s the specific prayer request for next 52 day Grace Adventure:

Pray for the Capitol Commission mandate of the Great Commission - the biblical thread of emphasis to reach political leaders with the gospel. Over the next 52 days I will endeavor to meet with our key state leaders and share Christ and explain the opportunities to partner with GRACE ADVENTURES. Pray BIG!! Pray BOLD!! Pray for open doors of opportunity with our Senators, Governor, Congressmen, Mayors, Parish and City leaders.

The Capitol Commission has been called the “missing mandate in modern missions.” Consider the commission:

      “First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, in order that we may lead  a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our savior, who desires all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth” (I Timothy 2:1-4). 

Scripture urges us to pray that our political leaders come to know Christ.

      “But the Lord said to him, “Go, for he is a chosen instrument of mine, to bear my name before the Gentiles and Kings and the sons of Israel” (Acts 9:15).

Kings were one of the three “people groups” God called Paul to reach. Eight of the cities he traveled to in Acts were Capital cities.

      Book of Acts

Of the thirteen individual conversions recorded in the book of Acts, seven were politically related people (Ethiopian treasurer (Acts 8:27); Cornelius, the military Centurion (Acts 10:17); Blatus, the King’s Chamberlain (Acts 12:20); Sergius, The Roman Governor (Acts 13:7); the Philippian jailor (Acts 16:27); Dionysius, the judge (Acts 17:34); Publius, the Governor of Malta (Acts 28:7). In fact, Acts is written to Theophilus (Acts 1:1) who is likely a governor. Paul took the gospel to Caesar (Acts 27:23) and some in Caesar’s household (Philippians 4:22) trusted Jesus.

      “I will also speak of your testimonies before Kings and shall not be ashamed” (Psalms 119:46). 

The Capitol Commission is prominent throughout the Scripture.

The Great Commission includes a specific strategic emphasis in reaching political leaders with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry of GRACE ADVENTURES is, in part, a missiological response to this mandate. I welcome your partnership in this calling and covet your prayers over the next 52-days as I knock on the doors of our governmental leaders.

PRAYER for Japan

The door continues to open for me to work with Touch Global and the Crisis Response ministry. It is amazing how God took what we learned in Katrina and is now using these lessons around the world. Mark Lewis, Director of Touch Global Crisis Response, is now in Japan. If you want to follow the work or pray with more information, check out the progress at


You pray for me. I can pray for you as well. E-mail me a note and let me know how you are doing!! What is new with you? How is life? How is your soul doing? Really! I want to know. What are you really enjoying? Is there a Grace Adventure you are currently experiencing?

Betting the Farm on God,


P.S.  Check out our new website at